Where to use Microfiber towels and mops

Our opinions on microfiber cloths and mops are based off our experience from different customers we have tested. our microfibers have far out performed those of our competitors. Not only that our quality stands out, but also we have many options as far as colors, size and types of microfibers to choose from. I’d like to explain a few different microfiber uses in which you may incorporate in your home and cleaning routine.

1.household microfiber cleaning cloth in different size and weight/quality.

2.,microfiber items for car wash and polish,such as buffing towel,car wash sponge pad,wax applicator,glove etc.

3.microfiber items for personal care and beauty,such as hair turban,hair drying towel,sports towel,travel towel,bath towel,blanket,bathrobe,bath wrapper etc.

4.microfiber items for kitchen cleaning,such as microfiber kitchen towel/washing up cloth,microfiber sponge cloth,dish drying mat,washing sponge etc.

5.microfiber items for floor cleaning and maintance,such as floor cleaning towel,wet mop,flat mop with Velcro or with pocket,microfiber chenille mat etc.

6.microfiber cloth for glasses and lens,cleaning cloth,pouch etc.

If you have not already switched to microfibers then you really should consider on adding a few cloths to your dwelling. As you look for microfibers, keep in mind that not all microfiber cloths are created equally. Factors such as the manufacturing process, fiber quality, size, and design have huge impacts on the performance of the cloths.

Different microfiber use

Caring for microfiber fabrics

It is very important to follow the recommended care techniques for the microfibers to ensure their sustainability.

  1. Microfiber products need to be washed at a low temperature (No higher than 60 degrees)
  2. Do not use bleach or anything with bleach in it.
  3. Do not wash them with cotton or terry towels. They may be washed with other fabrics, but are best washed with other microfibers to maintain positive electronic charge for longer.
  4. Fabric softener can be used in a low quantity, but is not recommended. The chemical components in fabric softener clog the microfibers, making them less effective.
  5. Always use the “gentle” wash setting.
  6. It is recommended that microfiber towels be air-dried at room temperature. Since they are breathable they will dry rather quickly. However, if this is not possible, we recommend drying them on low heat.
  7. Do not use static sheets. This will cause the microfiber to lose its electromagnetic charge.
  8. Do not iron. Majority of microfibers contain at least some polyester.
  9. Never boil clean your towels. This will destroy their physical properties, and you cannot return them to form.

If these simple steps can be followed, your microfibers can last you for years without losing their unique abilities.